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Ik was jij
Jij was mij
Samen waren we wij
Elk een deel
Van het geheel
Compleet en één


Ik ben ik
Jij bent jij
Wij is nu voorgoed voorbij
Wat was, niet meer is
Wat rest, gemis
Gebroken, uitéén
I promised myself I would not fall in love with you

After all, you are married,
have 2 kids
live 500 miles away
and we would probably never see each other again after tonight...

But it was 2 AM
and we were laughing way to hard,
and I never felt happier,
and I knew I was screwed.
The only sound
I ache for
Right here
Right now
In this very moment
Is the rhythm of your breathing
As your head rest
On my chest
And the darkness
Of the night
Devours us
In a dark and lonely bar
on a lazy Tuesday night
2 strangers met.

The instantaneous bond, the kind of connection
and familiarity which normally takes years to establish
surprised them both, and took them by the hands.

What was ever meant to be, started here, now.

She smiled, the type of smile
that could bring a vicious lion to its knees
if you’re not careful.
Each time she laughed
the twinkles in her eyes brightened the entire room,
devoured his attention.

The dimples in his cheeks and the happiness in his eyes
lighted a spark inside the pit of her belly,
the sort that could ignite a tropical rainforest
if you’re not careful.
Her mind, always slower than her heart
at grasping what was going on, was unable to catch up.

As wits and puns and stories exchanged,
smiles turned into grins,
and grins into chuckles,
and chuckles bursted into laughter,
originating straight from the heart,
resonating in the air around them,
saturating every fiber of their bodies.

For in that moment, there was no past
and no future,
only the present, and that was all that mattered.

As their entire universes
dwindled to the space in between them,

they both felt it.

Long lost souls, reunited,

once again


First of all, I wish you a happy and phenomenal 2011. Full of amazement, great adventures, lots of love. Passion.

It has been over a year now since my last journal entrie. A lot has happened since. It has been an emotional roller coaster, a hell of a ride of which I'm still recovering.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures the last year. I used any and every excuse of the book. No time, no passion, no urge, no inner need. I neglected it because I felt the urge to do something else. Anything else.

I started to write again. I used to write, a lot. Every day. I used it to cope with my inner demons. A way, a manner to deal with them. To avoid drowning in a sea of opposite feelings. To avoid surrendering to the chaos in my head, my heart.
The demons submerged, hid, out of sight. To remain silent, and grow stronger. I didn't feel the need to write anymore, so I stopped. They seemed gone.
Untill last year. The demons subsurfaced, even stronger then before.

Now, I'm better, feeling better, getting better. In the next couple of weeks I hope I have the courage the post some of my writings. So I can share some of the darkest moments of my life...

Untill then, be nice, and love!
  • Listening to: the silence
  • Drinking: coffee, of course

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